Warren Doris started out as a musician who cut his performing teeth playing keyboards with several bands in New York City. As his skills and confidence increased, he decided it was time to record some of his own compositions. He had started writing songs as early as 1970.


​In 1982, he recorded several songs as the featured artist - Escape, Play It On The FM, Lost in Space, In Love Again, among others. However, he was confronted by the lack of vision of the American record industry which was not ready for his hybrid mix of R&B, Reggae and Funky Jazz.

Undaunted Warren worked on writing and producing tracks for his seriously talented background singers. This was the birth of Affinity and Les Femmes. The result was the proto-house classic Don’t Go Away (Affinity) and the supersexy Yes You Thrill Me (Les Femmes).

Still unsatisfied with the opportunities coming his way in spite of the success of his work and less than than thrilled with the NYC music biz practices, Warren basically told ‘em **** off, went to college and left to start a career as a high school teacher.

...over 380 songs recorded and mixed, some
of which - three cds worth - are about to be
unleashed! Watch out!

Nothing however proved to be as satisfying as creating music. So he continued to compose and record. He remained convinced that the general toxicity of the industry would eventually ensure its demise - but he also saw the emerging opportunity for a whole new era of creative freedom afforded by the rapidly changing music technology.

He invested in his own recording studio and put to good use all he had learned during the time he spent with his friends and associates at the legendary Unique Recording Studios.

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New releases

We Choose Life

  • Crucial 5.08
  • Still dare to love 7.27
  • Nite must fall 4.46
  • We choose life 12.33
  • Get it for the riddum 7.58
  • Hip-house jazz 6.08
  • Dusty Emblems 11.47
  • Toys 6.41
  • Buttr love 5.57
  • Christine mi amor 5.21
  • Third first 6.09

New Heights

  • That bun
  • I’m alive
  • Swiss miss
  • Mi casa en la luna
  • New haus
  • It’s what u got
  • To the dance floor we will go
  • Halle and Paris
  • Charlene
  • Down home
  • Africa live

Welcome to the Future

  • Nite must fall
  • Toys
  • Dusty emblems
  • We praise you
  • Crossroads
  • Ragin hot
  • Escape
  • Get you to the point
  • Living in the ghetto
  • Maintain my stride
  • Christine mi amor


  • Don’t Go Away (12”, RP, Unofficial) Mango 1983
  • Yes, You Thrill Me (12”) Kee Wee Records 1984
  • Solar Flight (12”) 4th & Broadway 1986
  • Fulfill Your Fantasy (1 versions) Supertronics 1983
  • Don’t Go Away (12”, RP, Unofficial) Mango 1983
  • Yes, You Thrill Me (12”) Kee Wee Records 1984
  • Pick Me Up (Rock Me Non Stop)
  • Various - Upfront 3 (Cass, Comp) Serious Records (2) 1986

Don’t Go Away (12”, RP, Unofficial) Mango 1983

  • Like This Like That Vzarious - Black Havana (3 versions) EMI,
    EMI Electrola, Capitol Records 1989
  • Midnight Magic Lazet Michaels - Too Strong (2 versions)
    Zoo Entertainment 1991
  • Pick Me Up Various - Dance Explosion Volume 1 (CD)
    Pow Wow Records 1996
  • Don’t Go Away (2 versions) Mango 1983
  • Don’t Go Away (12”, RP, Unofficial) Mango 1983